Monday, January 12, 2009

1.12 MON Cell Organelle Homework

Hi Class!
Here is your science homework for today.
1. Choose a cell organelle that you liked learning about today.
2. Type it's name and describe it's function in the cell.
3. Tell if it is part of an animal cell or a plant cell.
Don't forget your intials!
-Ms. Welch

1.12 MON Cell Enrichment Movies

You will have to access these from your house since You Tube can not be accessed at school.

Go to the youtube video below to watch the cell music video:

1. inside a cell music video:

2. cell city:

3. How the Cell Works:

4. About cell parts:

5. Cell rap:

6. How a cell works-science of cells:

1.12 MON Cell Enrichment

Friday, January 9, 2009

1.9 Cells T-Chart

Go to the WIKI to complete a T-chart to tell what you know about plant and animal cells. Sign in after you click the link below: