Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Group Work:
Go to this website:
Read and complete the activity together.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Group Project Strepococcus

My son was just diagnosed with an infectious disease called strepococcus A.

Reply to this entry by telling Ms. Welch:
1. What is strepococcus A?
2. What are the symptoms?
3. What should Ms. Welch do to help her son? Medicine?

Make sure your group members' names are at the bottom of the blog.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fart Microorganisms

Methanobacterium smithii-FART!
This bacterium produces methane in human guts. Normal humans fart about 10 - 15 times per day, passing a few hundred milliliters of gas per day. Boys and girls fart about the same amount. Though over 50 percent of this gas is nitrogen, some of the gas is microbially produced, including the gas methane, which is flammable and is also a powerful greenhouse gas. Carbohydrates that cannot be digested by humans, but can be digested by microbes, are the leading cause of farts. Methane is an odorless gas: smells come from dimethyl sulfide and methanethiol. Other gases include oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

Read about more human microbes:

Reply to this post by telling me :
1. one body microbe you read about and
2. why you think it is facinating.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Classification Wiki Webpage Project

Wiki Page:
We will be starting a classification project in science.
We will make a Wiki page which is like a webpage about an organism you have chosen.
Ms. Welch will give you a username and password in order to access and edit the Wiki.
View our Wiki here:

Your Wiki page must include:
1. Is it a vertebrate or invertebrate?
2. What kingdom does it belong to? (Animalia, Plantae, etc.)
3. What class does it belong to? (mammals, insects, etc.)
4. What characteristics allow it to belong to this group?
5. A graphic or photo of your organism.
6. Your first name
7. A voki highlighting your organism and it's details from above.

We will also create a Voki which is a talking avatar to communicate to others about your organism.
Here are the steps to create a Voki:
1. go to
2. click "create" at the top
3. customize your character (try to find your organism and if you can't use another)
4. under "give it a voice" choose the keyboard letter key
5. type in the information your avatar will say to your audience-after click "done"
6. choose background and other details (like mouth, eyes, etc.)
7. click "publish" at the bottom
8. name your scene (I named mine "welch dolphin")
9. wait for it to save
10. close box that says it saved
11. select by clicking one time, the code that says "for most sites use this code"
12. copy the code by clicking "ctrl c" on the keyboard OR right click "copy"
13. go back to your wiki page (you should keep this open in a separate window)
14. click "insert", "more plugins", interactive media", "voki speaking avatar"
15. paste the code in the box by right clicking and then choosing "paste" OR click once in the box and click "ctrl v" on the keyboard.
16. click "done"
17. you will see a little rectangle that says voki but your voki won't show up until you press "save"
Click here to go to

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Resources for Atom Project

Great site for element info! This site says the name of the element for you!

Another great site:

This is a great site! A man actually made a real table into a periodic table with the elements.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parts of an Atom

What is right in front of you and yet is impossible to see?
The answer is atoms. An atom is the smallest particle of matter that can exist.

Read about Atoms:

Parts of an Atom:

Work with your group to research the 3 parts of an atom.

Grace L's group
Sophia's group
Corbin's group
Robbie's group

Chris' group
Tara's group
Cole K's group
Zoe's group

Wasef's group
Zach's group
Megan's group
Emelia's group