Thursday, February 26, 2009

2.26 THURS. Sugar's Genetic Code

Gerbil Genetics:

aa C- E- gg pp
Sugar's genetic code

The mother and father each have a gene pair on six dimensions:
A -- controls the color of the belly
C -- can lighten or colorpoint (darker extremities)
E -- controls the amount of gold
G -- controls the amount of grey
P -- controls eye color
Sp -- controls spotting

The capital letters are "dominate"; that means if the gerbil carries it, you can see it by their appearance. The small letters are "recessive"you can only see the effect of a recessive if it is paired with another recessive, otherwise the dominate letter would mask the effect. However, the recessive can still be passed on to offspring. Okay so far?

Let's look at these gerbils:

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